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In the Lebanese Kitchen

by B.A. Nilsson September 25, 2014


  The Phoenicians, 1686 Central Ave, Colonie, 464-4444, phoeniciansofalbany.com. Serving Tue-Sat noon-9. AE, D, MC, V. Cuisine: Lebanese Entrée price range: $8 (shawarma pita wrap) to $20 (lamb kebab platter) Ambiance: colorful and lively Allspice. Black Pepper. Cinnamon. Cloves. Fenugreek. ...

The Phoenicians

Under the Cedar Tree

by B.A. Nilsson May 19, 2011


My family’s civilian (non-reviewing) dining strategy is to seek, as I indelicately put it, “some hole in the wall.” Which is understood to mean a place where the food is interesting and the people friendly. ...

Beirut Restaurant