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Lewis Black

Lewis Black

by The Staff October 16, 2014


  Lewis Black is angry. Really angry. In fact, he’s angry by profession. The title of his latest tour, The Rant Is Due, is a pun on the various national political reckonings we face, and his ...

Palace Theatre

One Slight Hitch

by The Staff September 5, 2013


  A bride’s ex-boyfriend dropping in on her wedding day is certainly a cause for family panic. Such is the premise of One Slight Hitch, by Lewis Black--and he knows a bit about panic. You may know ...

Curtain Call Theatre

Lewis Black

by The Staff March 20, 2013


  We’d tell you that Lewis Black is pissed off, but you already know that. In fact, it’s the whole point to his epic disquisitions on what’s wrong with politics, society . . . everything. Black’s latest ...

Palace Theatre