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Liam Neeson


by Ann Morrow March 6, 2014


  Hear the metallic grind of a large and powerful vehicle screeching to a halt? In Non-Stop, that is not the sound of a fuselage in flames hitting the tarmac, but the breaking of Liam Neeson’s ...


by Shawn Stone January 30, 2014


  The Nut Job is an animated comedy set among our furry friends in an urban park, circa fall 1949. Winter is coming, and, under the stern but fair leadership of Raccoon (voiced by Liam Neeson) ...

Get Me Out of Here

by Ann Morrow October 10, 2012


  Like the vigilante he played in Taken, Liam Neeson has “a very particular set of skills.” One of them is imbuing formulaic characters with an intimidating authority beyond what the script calls for. Taken was ...


by Ann Morrow April 4, 2012

The gods of Olympus are a bunch of Tinkerbells. Or so it seems in Wrath of the Titans, a frenetic, imbecilic action movie that just happens to involve Zeus and his extended family of deities. ...

Fall of the Wild

by Ann Morrow February 1, 2012


  Liam Neeson’s hypnotic, sensual baritone does more for The Grey than its metaphysical musings—imminent death being a surefire stimuli to those kinds of conversations—and more than the gripping plane crash that sets this survivalist tale ...