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local food

Local Harvest Festival

by The Staff September 21, 2012


Don’t miss this tremendous opportunity to taste fresh, locally produced food and natural personal products reflecting a depth of skill and knowledge. Honest Weight Food Co-op is hosting the fourth annual Local Harvest Festival on ...

Washington Park Lakehouse

Local Harvest Festival

by The Staff September 28, 2011


It’s harvest time, and Honest Weight Food Co-op is once again celebrating the bountiful cornucopia of Capital Region foods with its third annual Local Harvest Festival. The festivities feature an all-day local foods marketplace offering an ...

Washington Park Lakehouse

Fresh, Local, and a Click Away

by Kathryn Geurin September 22, 2011


Randi Grippen tosses a fallen tomato, and the grounds of Mountain Winds Farm suddenly flap into chaos. Hens cackle and streak across the field from their placid cooing in the weather-worn barns, pop from under ...