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Sweet Things

by The Staff February 6, 2013


  For our Valentine’s Day gift guide this year, we decided not to trust our own instincts and offer you a selection of jaded staff picks (you didn’t really want to read our suggestions of gifts ...

Gentleman Seeketh Matrimony

by Alexis Abb February 9, 2012

A worthy plump, fresh, free and willing Widdow . . . is in great distresse for want of a Lancktaradiddledino, and would accept of any man that is Able to labour in her Corporation. . ...

Love in Blooms

by Ann Morrow February 9, 2012


A Ti leaf curls under, as though bowing from shyness in the presence of majestic roses and voluptuous peonies. In the same arrangement, green flax reaches above the blooms, gently waving. The artistic addition of ...

Genre Crashers

by John Rodat May 19, 2011


First things first: Yes, chicks are funny. Are we all together on that? It’s ridiculous to have to point out, but sadly, it’s an issue that as a business matter—at least, within Hollywood—is still unsettled. Even ...

Savage Love – 2/24/2011

by Dan Savage February 23, 2011

I am 50 and a lesbian. I have had a pretty active sex life for the last 30 years, including a couple of long-term relationships. For the last three years, I’ve been with a woman ...

I Saw You – 2/24/2011

by The Staff February 23, 2011

At the Public Golf Course a couple of weekends ago I was walking my dog and we said hello You were walking on your own near the Lake Tall, woolen hat, bright red lipstick, black ...

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Courting Good Taste

by Amy Halloran February 9, 2011


Though I’ve never been presented with a heart-shaped box of chocolates (hint, hint), I’ve been wooed by plenty of food. Who hasn’t? I especially remember the meals that flopped. The presentation of coffee at midnight, ...

Still Crazy

by Kathryn Geurin February 9, 2011


Six months after our wedding, we were expecting a baby. Getting this news was a bit like walking into a surprise party in our honor—after the initial shock, we quickly settled into celebration. Except, of ...

She Said Yes!

by David King February 9, 2011


For a good few hours on the day I would carry out the most romantic action of my 29 years on this planet, I didn’t feel particularly romantic. For a while, as I waited with ...

Life Lies Bleeding

by John Rodat February 2, 2011


It seems to me highly unlikely that director Derek Cianfrance is the type to screen his movies for test audiences. Trained under such visionary outsiders as Stan Brakhage, Cianfrance is being touted as a young ...

Savage Love – 2/3/2011

by Dan Savage February 2, 2011

I read your column every week, mostly out of abstract interest. My thoughts reading your advice are usually some variation on “Wow, that’s a lot of work to do, just to have a sex life.” ...

Savage Love – 1/27/2011

by Dan Savage January 26, 2011

I’m from the other side of the country, but I’m sitting in my lover’s San Francisco apartment wondering what I’m doing. I flew out here to spend five glorious days with her. We connect sexually ...

Savage Love – 1/20/2011

by Dan Savage January 19, 2011

I am a 23-year-old straight female. A year ago, I moved across the country after college to live with my boyfriend of four years. He is in graduate school and is the only person I ...

Savage Love – 1/13/2011

by Dan Savage January 12, 2011

Evelyn Salt is an uber patriot, I thought, watching the eponymous film the other night. She is such a patriot that she will kill and kill and kick and kill some more. Such a patriot ...

Savage Love – 1/6/2011

by Dan Savage January 5, 2011

I’m a 27-year-old divorced woman. I married the first man I ever had sex with, and we had a very vanilla sex life. He refused to try any play with dominant/submissive roles. My fantasies have ...

Love Stinks

by Laura Leon January 5, 2011

How Do You Know

The unfinished portion of the title is supposed to be “when you’re in love,” but while watching How Do You Know, one can’t help but think of other, more apt, endings, like “when you’ve completely ...