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Madison Theater

LA STRADA Wine & Film Event

by The Staff September 24, 2015


  The good folks at the Madison Theater are holding their third wine-and-film event this Saturday night, pairing Italian wines with a classic Italian movie. Beginning at 6 PM, you will be sampling six wines from ...

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Liz Miele

by The Staff August 27, 2015


  Like all comedians worth their salt, New York City-based Liz Miele has been doing stand-up forever. Well, at least since she was a teenager. She’s been on Conan’s show and Jon Stewart’s old show and ...

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Nancy and Spencer Reed Quartet

by The Staff October 23, 2014


  We guess you could call this “phase three,” as the good folks of Tierra Farms open the new live-music performance space in the Madison Theater. Following the successful opening of the Tierra Farm Store and ...

Madison Theater

The Past is Prologue

by Ann Morrow August 7, 2014

  It was the war to end all wars—and we all know how that turned out. Which is one reason why remembering the outbreak of World War I is important: Since this first global conflict, not ...

Back in Action

by Ann Morrow January 23, 2014


  Opening night for the newly renovated Madison Theater in Albany began with a presentation that was, appropriately enough, the first ribbon cutting for new mayor Kathy Sheehan. Sheehan was once a Pine Hills resident, and ...

Madison Theater

Madison Theater Grand Reopening

by The Staff January 16, 2014


  To say that last year’s closing of the Albany’s Madison Theatre was a disappointment is understatement. A neighborhood mainstay since 1930, the theater was worse for wear but still vital to the local movie scene. ...

Madison Theater

Silver Screen Thrills

by Ann Morrow October 31, 2013


  It’s . . .  showtime! Maybe not for the Madison Theater itself—that will be tonight (Thursday, Oct. 31) when it welcomes the community with a Halloween screening—but on Tuesday it was the moment of truth ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone May 23, 2013


  STILL BALLIN’  Last summer’s local indie film sensation was Ballin’ at the Graveyard, a documentary about public-court basketball culture that put local audiences in touch with a fascinating part of Albany culture. It was as ...

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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone January 16, 2013

  MADISON THEATER PREMIERES  Two locally made films are having world premieres at the Madison Theater. As Miriam Axel-Lute detailed in this week’s Looking Up (see page 4), there will be screenings at the Madison at ...

Hollywood in Pine Hills

by Ann Morrow October 25, 2012


  “It gets under your skin.” That’s the tag line for Creeping Crawling, a regionally made horror film about insects interacting with humans (“Buggy On a Budget,” July 12). As the tag implies, this three-part anthology ...

A Week in the Dark

by Shawn Stone December 14, 2011

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It’s late on a Friday afternoon. Most people are hanging out with friends after work, or they’re making their way home. Maybe they’re already home, preparing dinner or getting ready to go out for the ...

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Youth FX Film Screening

by The Staff February 2, 2011

Now entering it’s fourth year, the Grand Street Community Arts Youth FX intensive summer filmmaking program trains teens in the artistic and technical craft of digital filmmaking, guiding the students from script to screen. The mission ...

Madison Theater