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I Always Told You To Eat Right

by Caroline Barrett January 29, 2015


  I love going to weddings. There's the festive spirit and the promise and joy in the couple as they exchange vows. I love sharing good food and drink and toasting the couple again and again. ...

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The Day Is Ours

by The Staff January 29, 2015


  Elizabeth and Erik Harris Photo by JBD Photography (Jacyln Damiano) How We Met  Elizabeth: My husband Erik and I have known each other since we were young children—our sisters were best friends! The Proposal Erik and I dated for 12 ...

Get Me To the Barn On Time

by Ann Morrow January 29, 2015


  There is a boom in barn weddings and other “unexpected venues” driven by the sturdy design trend of rustic, and it goes from rustic chic to rustic industrial. This roughhewn style has swept up wedding ...

Open Marriage

by The Staff August 25, 2011


  Ventfort Hall Mansion, once home to the sister of J. P. Morgan, has been restored an reincarnated as a museum for all things 19th-century, with a mission of documenting and illuminating the pivotal Gilded Age ...

Marriage for All

by Jo Page June 29, 2011

A friend who knew I’d performed some same-sex union ceremonies well before my denomination had permitted such things advised me to “hang out my shingle” once the gay marriage bill had been passed in New ...

Pale Imitation

by Ann Morrow March 30, 2011

Sunlit Tuscany seems an unlikely setting for a movie about trivial miseries, yet that’s the overworked theme of Certified Copy, an annoyingly arty drama from Abbas Kiarostami. Even an incandescent Juliette Binoche can’t give the ...