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Fresh Grass

by Glenn Weiser September 24, 2015

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  Fresh Grass, an annual three-day event at MASS MoCA, was launched in 2010 to highlight innovative trends in bluegrass. Since then the festival has broadened its scope to include folk-rock, honky-tonk country and other strains ...

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Solid Sound Festival

by Mike Hotter July 2, 2015


  Last weekend’s Solid Sound Festival, the Wilco-curated music, comedy and art event now in it’s fourth incarnation, was impressive first and foremost for the beauty of its surroundings, which included that transporting mix of art ...

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by The Staff March 12, 2014


    E.S. Comack told you all a great deal about Sonic Youth bassist Kim Gordon’s latest duo project Body/Head with guitarist Bill Nace (check out our website for the full interview) this winter . . . ...

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Springtime at MoCA

by E.S. Cormac December 12, 2013

  MASS MoCA unveiled their spring schedule featuring a variety of new exhibits, musicians, performing artists and even new events for kids on Dec. 4 to a packed crowd in the Hunter Center at the museum’s ...

Fresh Grass Festival

by The Staff September 19, 2013


  For a venue as high-concept as MASS MoCA, the idea behind FreshGrass is pretty simple: lots and lots of bluegrass music. The annual last hurrah of the contemporary art museum’s outdoor season, FreshGrass is nothing ...

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New Shows at MASS MoCA

by The Staff May 23, 2013


  The Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art doesn’t mess around. The museum will open four new exhibits this weekend: Guillaume Leblon, Jason Middlebrook, Joseph Montgomery and Love to Love You. This is Paris-based sculptor Guillaume Leblon’s first ...

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Corporate Big Birds

by Melody Davis May 23, 2013


  “Amazing” is likely the viewer’s first word upon encountering Xu Bing’s Phoenix (2007-2010)—which, properly, should be “Phoenixes” for its twin suspended sculptures. Even my 14-year-old son, who complains through every exhibition I drag him to, ...

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Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal

by The Staff February 28, 2013


  The acclaimed Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal company return to Western Massachusetts this weekend for two shows at MASS MoCA. The company won raves when they performed at Jacob’s Pillow in 2010; the Times Union’s ...

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A City Near You

by Meisha Rosenberg June 14, 2012


Invisible Cities at MASS MoCA was inspired by Italo Calvino’s 1972 novel of the same name, a work imagining Marco Polo’s descriptions of fantastical cities upon his visit to Kublai Khan. In the novel, Calvino ...

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The Museum Issue

by The Staff March 1, 2012


The Adirondack Museum Blue Mountain Lake might seem like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but what it’s really in the middle of—as in right smack in the middle of, geographically—is the Adirondack Park itself. So ...

Modern Pickin’

by The Staff September 29, 2011


After the three-day blowout that was the second incarnation of Wilco’s Solid Sound festival here in June, Mass MoCA continued to expand its evolving identity as a performing arts center last weekend with a stab ...

Other Culture

by Kathryn Geurin June 22, 2011

The Berkshires are positively brimming with world-class arts institutions, which bloom to their most vital in the summer. But many of these icons of culture also offer less prominent programming that is worth exploring, and ...

Iron and Wine

by Jeremy D. Goodwin April 13, 2011


Recording under the name Iron and Wine, Samuel Beam has been at the leading edge of the hipster reconsideration of American folk and Appalachian music that blossomed into a bona fide subgenre—call it beard rock—for ...


by The Staff March 30, 2011


Lolcats, double rainbow guy, Rickrolling, epic fails, Oolong the pancake rabbit. Memes, the pervasive, delightful contagions of the interwebs. Meme, “a unit of social information.” The term was coined by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his ...

A Civilized Affair

by Jeremy D. Goodwin August 18, 2010

Maybe it was seeing Jeff Tweedy plunge into the water of a carnival-style dunk tank, while wearing the heavy red suit he dons onstage when Wilco is in full ham-it-up, showman mode. Maybe it was ...

And It Rocked, Too

by Ali Hibbs August 18, 2010

But what of the sounds of the Solid Sound festival? Well, if you were a Wilco fan, you were clearly in the right place. Festival organizers had literally displayed the band’s name in front of ...