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Mia Wasikowska

Too Cool for Everything

by John Rodat May 15, 2014


  By the late ’80s, Jim Jarmusch was a kind of lo-fi rock star of indie film. Films like Stranger Than Paradise, Down by Law and the marvelous Mystery Train were deadpan celebrations of idiosyncratic individuality: ...

Sad Man

by Ann Morrow February 1, 2012


As a woman disguised as a man, Glenn Close is physically astonishing, her androgynous face subtly altered (with the slight use of prosthetics) to be completely masculine. Only her voice, at times, acts as a ...

The Goth Feminist

by Ann Morrow April 13, 2011


After 18 movie versions and countless TV adaptations (most recently the excellent 2006 PBS mini-series), is there a fresh interpretation left for a new Jane Eyre? Not quite, but director Cary Fukunaga and screenwriter Moira ...

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