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Mind Body Spirit

Out of the Cold and Into the Kitchen

by Caroline Barrett January 15, 2015


  There I stood, alone and in the dark. The sky wasn't even a tiny shade lighter than black, not yet. Streetlights glowed, illuminating the blowing snow. I worked one ankle, twisting and loosening it up, ...

Get Loose, Get Comforted

by B.A. Nilsson January 15, 2015


  Marguerite Gautier sported a white camellia when she was available to lease her love and a red one when she wasn’t. The heroine of Alexandre Dumas’ Lady of the Camellias put these lovely blooms to ...

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In Sickness, Returning to Health

by Ali Hibbs January 15, 2015


  For Christmas this year I got books, a new laptop, a trip to Victoria’s Secret, a tea stand . . . and diabetes. I got diabetes for Christmas. I’ve actually really had it for several months. When ...


Tough Love

by Molly Eadie January 16, 2014


  You just ran miles uphill only to be dunked into ice water, crawl through dark tunnels and get shocked by live wires. Imagine you've done this voluntarily—for fun and fitness. The Tough Mudder, a 10- to ...

Getting Your Brain in Shape

by Keith Ammann January 16, 2013


  When I was a kid, I played chess with my friend Carlos. And only my friend Carlos. I played white, always. He played black, always. We didn’t plan. We jabbed and feinted, like boxers. We played ...