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De La Soul

by The Staff November 20, 2012


  Before “conscious hip-hop” was a thing, before there were “backpack rappers,” and back when independent music was called alternative, it was just “Me, Myself and I.” That breakout hit from De La Soul’s 1989 debut ...

The Upstate Concert Hall


by The Staff April 26, 2012


Where would hip-hop be today without Eric B. and Rakim’s 1987 masterpiece Paid in Full? Would James Brown samples have become so prevalent without “I Know You Got Soul”? Would holographic gangstas be headlining Coachella? ...

Northern Lights

Wu-Tang Clan

by The Staff December 14, 2011


If any rap group can save us from the coming apocalypse—or maybe push us over the edge—it’s the Wu-Tang Clan. Twenty-twelve is promising to be a year of renaissance for arguably the greatest rap crew ...

Northern Lights