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Feeling the Bern

by Ali Hibbs August 27, 2015


  In 2014, a law professor named Zephyr Rain Teachout came out of virtual anonymity during her New York gubernatorial campaign against the better-known and far-better-funded incumbent, Andrew Cuomo, unexpectedly seizing more than 30 percent of ...


Albany Tulip Festival

by The Staff May 7, 2015


  It’s that time of year: Tulip Festival, Albany’s annual herald of spring (and of Mother’s Day!), is once again upon us, and it looks like there will be good music and fun events to entice ...

Washington Park

Ton Lokal: Seasons Change

by Timothy Reidy November 6, 2014


  Late Summer is always a different time of year for music in this area; the last summer shows commence and day festivals pop up. Restoration Festival kept it pretty much local this past year, and ...


by The Staff June 26, 2014


  Dwele (left) will headline Alive at Five’s R&B night tonight (Thursday) along with MIRK (free, 434-2032). . . . Blockhouses will headline a Low Beat triple bill tomorrow (Friday) with Careers and Party Boat (8 ...

Corning Preserve

Move Music Festival

by The Staff April 24, 2014


  Now in its third year, the Move Music Festival has started referring to itself as “the Northeast’s big music festival.” How big? Let’s do the numbers: This year, 10 local venues will feature more than 100 ...


by The Staff February 13, 2014


  Bear Grass will “ooze newness” at Putnam Den tonight with Hollows (Thursday, 9:30 PM, free, 584-8066). . . . Celebrate Valentine’s day with Robert Randolph and the Family Band at Bearsville Theater on Friday (9 ...


by The Staff December 24, 2013


The best local hip-hop producers will converge on Pauly’s Hotel Friday for a showcase featuring PJ Katz, Big Malk, Josh Mirk, Raw Threat and Jack of All Trades (10 PM, free, 426-0828). . . . ...


by The Staff August 1, 2013


  OK, this is confusing: Tonight (Thursday) for Alive at Five, the Original Wailers, featuring reggae guitarist Al Anderson, will revive the Marley legacy (5 PM, free, 434-2032), while tomorrow (Friday) night at Club Helsinki, founding ...

De La Soul

by The Staff November 20, 2012


  Before “conscious hip-hop” was a thing, before there were “backpack rappers,” and back when independent music was called alternative, it was just “Me, Myself and I.” That breakout hit from De La Soul’s 1989 debut ...

The Upstate Concert Hall


by The Staff April 26, 2012


Where would hip-hop be today without Eric B. and Rakim’s 1987 masterpiece Paid in Full? Would James Brown samples have become so prevalent without “I Know You Got Soul”? Would holographic gangstas be headlining Coachella? ...

Northern Lights

Wu-Tang Clan

by The Staff December 14, 2011


If any rap group can save us from the coming apocalypse—or maybe push us over the edge—it’s the Wu-Tang Clan. Twenty-twelve is promising to be a year of renaissance for arguably the greatest rap crew ...

Northern Lights