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by The Staff February 12, 2015


  The butterflies were a big hit when they arrived in 2014, and they’re back this weekend to take your mind—and your kids’ minds—off winter misery in miSci’s special butterfly house. The exhibit notes promis that ...


Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2014

  FUN WITH SCIENCE  The annual Science Festival, which kicks off this evening (Thursday, Nov. 6) and continues through Sunday (Nov. 9) at Schenectady’s miSci (aka The Museum of Innovation and Science) continues to grow in ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2013

  SCIENCE IS SUPER  Bring the family to Schenectady’s miSci between Saturday and Monday (Nov. 9-11) for a Super Science Weekend. What’s happening? Here’s what the miSci people say: “dry ice demos, the giant bubble hoist, ...


by The Staff June 28, 2013


  We admit that there are fantastic creatures other than dinosaurs that children are enamored of—unicorns, winged ponies, Smurfs—but besides being an endless object of wonder, dinosaurs have the additional educational value of having actually existed. ...