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Naomi Watts

Lighter Than Air

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2014


  It’s an irresistible concept: Cast the star (Michael Keaton) of a 1990s blockbuster film franchise (Batman) in a movie about the midlife crisis of a star (the fictional Riggan Thomson) of a 1990s blockbuster film ...

My Hero

by Laura Leon October 30, 2014


  Like so many films before it, St. Vincent takes the plot of curmudgeonly coot regaining his humanity through contact with an innocent, and gallops away with it. The, er, title character (Bill Murray) is an ...


by Shawn Stone January 10, 2013


  The 2004 tsunami that devastated South Asia and the East Indies has surfaced occasionally on the big screen—remember Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter?—but The Impossible, the story of one family’s terrible, terrifying true experience, takes audiences into ...


by Ann Morrow October 6, 2011


Two little girls stand at the end of a hallway, backs to the camera, staring at whatever might be behind the stained and peeling wallpaper. It’s a gratuitous image, perhaps made as a red herring ...