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New York

Wisconsin: Five Things

by Miriam Axel-Lute March 2, 2011

1. Who caused Wisconsin’s budget shortfall. In the short term, it was Gov. Scott Walker. “Before Wisconsin’s budget went bust, Governor Walker signed $117 million in corporate tax breaks. Wisconsin’s immediate budget shortfall is $137 ...

Tax the Land

by Bill Batt February 9, 2011

I put property-tax cappers in the same category as flat-Earthers. It’s troubling that we have policy shapers who understand so little of land economics. That other states—with disastrous results like California’s Proposition 13—have gone down ...

The Good The Bad And The Ugly

by Kathryn Geurin January 12, 2011

Education What He Said “We’re number one in spending but thirty-four in terms of results, that has to change. The current education funding goes out by formula grants, meaning there are no performance incentives in the grant ...