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Nicolas Cage

Flame Out

by Ann Morrow February 23, 2012


Johnny Blaze, the Marvel comics stunt biker who made a pact with the devil, spends so much time up in flames that it’s a wonder that audiences doesn’t succumb to heat exhaustion. And if they ...


by Shawn Stone March 3, 2011

  This is a movie as single-minded as its protagonist. John Milton (Nicolas Cage) is a mysterious, even courtly “traveler” out to save his kin from harm—and to punish evildoers with extreme prejudice. Drive Angry is ...

Through The Past, Dankly

by Ann Morrow January 12, 2011

Nicolas Cage in a starring role has become an omen of mediocrity. In Season of the Witch, he continues his losing streak by playing a 14th-century Crusader who develops a conscience during a particularly bloodthirsty ...