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Noomi Rapace

Minimal Rescue

by Laura Leon September 18, 2014


  Soaking in the atmosphere of old bars where the leather seats are taped over and there are decades-old ghost vapors of thousands of cigarettes smoked, The Drop transports screenwriter Dennis Lehane’s usual milieu to Brooklyn, ...

Grim Tale

by Ann Morrow March 13, 2013


  Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace are dead together, and it’s not just because the characters they play in Dead Man Down are dead inside. The two stars, who would seem to be well-matched, have nothing ...

Lovely and Horrible

by Shawn Stone June 14, 2012


On an examination table in an antiseptic environment, a pair of scientists poke and prod at the well-preserved head of a humanoid alien. “I think,” one woman says to the other, “we can trick [the brain] ...


by Laura Leon December 21, 2011


Watching Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it’s almost impossible to imagine that this sequel is only two years out from its first installment, so weary is its attitude and tone. One might think that ...