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Norman Rockwell

A Sci-Fi Holiday

by John Rodat November 27, 2013


  A dining room at Thanksgiving. The table is laden with traditional fare: a dirigible-sized turkey glistens golden brown, a snowy Himalayan mound of mashed potatoes steams, gravy rich and black in a ceramic boat so ...

Wendell Minor’s America

by The Staff November 7, 2013


  Wendell Minor has traveled all over the United States to research his subjects, and collaborated with the likes of Buzz Aldrin, Ann Turner and David McCullough on his way to being recognized as one of ...

Norman Rockwell Museum

It’s a Dog’s Life

by The Staff June 22, 2011


Norman Rockwell plus dogs. It just may be more delightfully American than apple pie. The dog-loving illustrator’s canine companions often accompanied him to the studio. Well aware of how appealing a wide-eyed, sloppy puppy face can ...

Norman Rockwell Museum