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Octavo Singers

The Nihilism Express

by Ann Morrow July 10, 2014


  Snowpiercer is a train, but it might as well be called the Ark, for it contains the only survivors of an environmental apocalypse. This near-future scenario, starting 17 years after the Earth’s surface froze over ...

Octavo Singers

by The Staff May 1, 2014


  One of the region’s venerable choral groups—they’ve been around for 80-plus years—will give their spring concert in Schenectady this weekend (Saturday). Octavo Singers will present Musical Bookends, a program featuring three of Mozart’s Regina Coelis ...

First Reformed Church of Schenectady

Octavo Singers

by The Staff December 12, 2013


  See this white-wigged fellow? He’s been dead for quite some time, but he’s still mighty popular—especially around this time of the year. He’s George Friedrich Handel, the German-born British composer of numerous operas, chamber works, ...

Union College Memorial Chapel

Octavo Singers

by The Staff May 1, 2013


  This Sunday afternoon, Schenectady’s Octavo Singers will perform a majestic, infrequently performed work from the choral repertoire: George Frideric Handel’s Judas Maccabeus. Like everyone else, a composer must sing for his or her supper—or at least ...

First Reformed Church of Schenectady