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Opera Saratoga

Opera Saratoga

by B.A. Nilsson July 16, 2015


  As Brian Castner and three of his fellow Explosive Ordnance Disposal specialists are driving back to base from yet another mission while deployed in Iraq, the tension of the moment is jolted by a pigeon. ...

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Opera Saratoga

by The Staff June 28, 2013


  The New York City Ballet and Philadelphia Orchestra will arrive at SPAC soon enough, but right now Opera Saratoga’s season is in full swing. Presenting beautifully sung and staged works in the cozy confines of ...

Spa Little Theater

Opera Saratoga

by The Staff July 5, 2012


Opera Saratoga (we still have to stop ourselves from typing “Lake George Opera”) will return to SPAC this weekend for their short but sweet season in residence at the Spa Little Theater. This year they’re offering ...

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