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Orson Welles

Michael Lindsay-Hogg

by The Staff August 8, 2014


  “Michael Lindsay-Hogg,” you’re probably thinking, “I know that name from somewhere.” Indeed you do. Lindsay-Hogg, the son of a titled Englishman and golden-age-era Hollywood actress Geraldine Fitzgerald, is a film director, painter, author, all-around raconteur—and he’s ...

Basilica Hudson

The Third Man

by The Staff June 12, 2014


  Most of the great films made in the wake of World War II came from Italy. But not all: Carol Reed’s The Third Man, filmed in Vienna, is a beguiling thriller that deftly mixes greed, ...


War of the Worlds

by The Staff September 7, 2011


Orson Welles’ radio drama of a Martian invasion exploded onto the public consciousness when it was widely (and not unintentionally) mistaken for a news broadcast on Halloween night, 1938. Adapted from the novel by another Wells ...

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