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All 86 (plus one) Best Picture Oscar Winners, Ranked

by Shawn Stone February 22, 2015


  From worst to first. I would probably rank Patton higher on a different day. I also included Sunrise, which was awarded Best Artistic Production at the first Academy Awards.   86. Slumdog Millionaire The absolute worst. 85. The English ...

Goldman or (Another Round of Oscar Musings by Metroland Writers)

by The Staff February 20, 2015


  By Ann Morrow and Shawn Stone There’s a good deal of uncertainty about which film might take home the Best Picture and Best Director statues, thanks to scattered and contradictory wins at the various award clambakes ...


by The Staff February 27, 2014

AMF_7385 (67 of 317).NEF

  By Laura Leon, Ann Morrow and Shawn Stone   Best Picture There are four great and five very good films in this year’s top category, which makes the 2014 Academy Awards a success. In other words, it’s impossible ...

Oscar Grouch

by Ralph Hammann February 28, 2013


  Once again we have witnessed that celebration of competition in the most ridiculous of venues, motion pictures. The Oscars are useful only for promoting the rare piece of artful entertainment that might otherwise go overlooked ...

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Fearless Oscar Picks

by The Staff February 20, 2013


  Best Picture Laura Leon Will Win   Silver Linings Playbook Should Win   Silver Linings Playbook Overlooked   Moonrise Kingdom Overrated   Django Unchained Ann Morrow Will Win   Lincoln Should Win   Lincoln Overlooked   End of Watch Overrated   Silver Linings Playbook Shawn Stone Will Win   Argo Should Win   Zero Dark Thirty Overlooked   Skyfall Overrated  ...

Oscar Winnings Playbook

by The Staff February 20, 2013

thumb_oscars final 3a

  By Laura Leon, Ann Morrow and Shawn Stone   There are two suspenseful narratives leading up to this Sunday’s 85th Annual Academy Awards telecast. First, who will win the most awards in this wide-open field? When the ...

Fearless Oscar Predictions . . . and Complaints

by The Staff February 23, 2012


Best Picture John Brodeur Will Win: The Artist Should Win: The Artist Overlooked: Melancholia Overrated: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Laura Leon Will Win: The Artist Should Win: The Artist Overlooked: Warrior Overrated: The Descendants Ann Morrow Will Win: The Descendants Should Win: Midnight in Paris Overlooked: Harry ...

Artist, Servant, Fighter, Spy . . .

by The Staff February 23, 2012


Once again we present you with short essays about Oscar nominees we love (and, at the end, a few we don’t agree with.) While we may disagree about various nominated films and performances—check out our ...

Spring Is Here (Almost), and So Is Oscar

by Ann Morrow February 23, 2011


Much to everyone’s surprise, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—the folks who put on the annual Oscar clambake—decided to stay with 10 nominated films in the Best Picture category. Sure, the wags agree ...