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1934: A New Deal for Artists

by The Staff October 17, 2012


Having lived through these last few grinding years of “great recession,” we are not nostalgic for the days of the Great Depression. However, we do begin to feel wistful when consider the federal government’s response ...

New York State Museum

Pamela Cardwell: Painting

by The Staff June 21, 2012


“I build up rhythms with line and color. Each painting follows diverse yet connected memories and fragment of thought. Each is invented on its own terms. . . . Unconscious patterns of thought are made ...

John Davis Gallery

Focus on Nature XII

by The Staff April 26, 2012


The Focus on Nature exhibits at the New York State Museum have become biannual must-see events. The 12th edition of this juried exhibit opens this weekend, and features work by 72 artists from 14 countries. ...

New York State Museum

Return to the Visual

by Shawn Stone November 10, 2011


David Greenberger is best known for, and made his artistic mark with The Duplex Planet. More than a periodical, this legacy of 25 years of “books, recordings and performances of monologues with music” made us ...

Lake George Arts Project