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Palace Theatre

That’s the Way He Does It

by Tim Mack October 15, 2015


  A documentary crew spent the day Sunday at the Palace lugging heavy-duty cameras and tripods around the stage, preparing to record that night’s show for a concert film about the headliner. And when a guitarist ...

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Tony Bennett

by The Staff October 15, 2015


  It’s an amazing and wonderful fact: At age 89, Tony Bennett is still a powerful—and entertaining—force in American popular music. Part of it is the way he stays contemporary, working with a variety of young ...

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Straight On For You

by Tim Mack July 30, 2015


  An opening set of hits from some Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. A closing set from the world's greatest Led Zeppelin cover band. That’s a heck of a double bill for a Monday night ...

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Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2014

  FUN WITH SCIENCE  The annual Science Festival, which kicks off this evening (Thursday, Nov. 6) and continues through Sunday (Nov. 9) at Schenectady’s miSci (aka The Museum of Innovation and Science) continues to grow in ...

Summer Guide

by The Staff June 5, 2014


  Pop Music Concerts Basilica Hudson 110 S. Front St., Hudson. 6/14: Shannon F, Crush, Love Pig, Evil Doers. 9/12-13: Basilica Soundscape featuring Swans, Tim Hecker, Deafheaven, Julia Holter, Gamelan Dharma Swara. Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, (845) 679-4406, bearsvilletheater.com. 6/12: Zvuloon ...


Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 13, 2013


  OK, then: There is so much going on this week that we couldn’t preview stuff we really, really wanted to preview. So here’s a little list of other great events this week. Friday & Saturday Ellen Sinopoli ...

Art Beat

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2013

  SCIENCE IS SUPER  Bring the family to Schenectady’s miSci between Saturday and Monday (Nov. 9-11) for a Super Science Weekend. What’s happening? Here’s what the miSci people say: “dry ice demos, the giant bubble hoist, ...

A Week in the Dark

by Shawn Stone December 14, 2011

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It’s late on a Friday afternoon. Most people are hanging out with friends after work, or they’re making their way home. Maybe they’re already home, preparing dinner or getting ready to go out for the ...

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Eddie Griffin

by The Staff June 15, 2011


The best evidence of a comedian’s success is continued work. And Eddie Griffin’s been making people laugh, for money, since he started in the business. He’s been a regular presence in movies (Undercover Brother, Dysfunktional ...

Palace Theatre

SUNY Student Association Annual Comedy Show

by The Staff April 27, 2011


UAlbany students may have gotten a bad rap for their recent shenanigans, but some of them really do know how to have a good time without smashing TVs—and they’re certainly no slouches when it comes ...

Palace Theatre

The Ten Commandments

by The Staff April 13, 2011


It isn’t often that a director ends his career with a film that sums up everything he’s come to stand for; it’s even less frequent that the work is both a massive hit in its ...

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At His Ease

by Shawn Stone April 6, 2011


Palace Theatre, March 30 “Who cares?” Steve Martin earned one of the biggest laughs of the “Conversation With Steve Martin” when he made this reply to a fan who asked, “What was the first song you learned ...

Sesame Street Live

by The Staff February 23, 2011


We occasionally welcome a curious visiting toddler into the swag-strewn editorial office, and said visiting toddler always makes an immediate beeline to the Sesame Street live press photo we’ve had tacked on a bulletin board ...

The Palace

Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles

by The Staff February 16, 2011

It would make sense that if your tribute act is called “the next best thing to seeing the Beatles,” you may actually have out-Beatled the Fab Four themselves. At the very least, RAIN can be ...

Palace Theatre

David Sedaris

by Ali Hibbs April 7, 2010

It’s midnight at David Sedaris’ Paris home, one week before a whirlwind North American reading tour will take him to 34 cities on 34 consecutive nights, and he’s busy making preparations. “I ...