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Paul Giamatti

You Are There

by Laura Leon October 10, 2013


  Based on Vincent Bugliosi’s Four Days in November, Parkland attempts to evoke the national sense of loss, horror, helplessness and regret engendered by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but from the perspective of ...

None of the Above

by Laura Leon October 13, 2011


The Ides of March tries hard to be both cunning and cutthroat in its depiction of politics as a dirty game. Who knew? The pacing in this political thriller is fast, so much so that ...

Wrestling With Lies

by Laura Leon April 20, 2011


Imagine what would have happened in It’s a Wonderful Life if George Bailey had bribed Mr. Gower in return for his silence over the botched prescription he almost sent to a sick patient. Or if ...