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Pierce Brosnan

With a Bang

by Shawn Stone August 28, 2013


  Like The Great Gatsby, this new Edgar Wright comedy features a protagonist determined to re-create the past. Like Jay Gatsby, Gary King (Simon Pegg) is willing to move heaven and earth to bring his dream ...

Serious Soap

by Laura Leon June 13, 2013


  The slow dissolve of a gray high-rise being washed over in egg-yolk yellow that precedes the narrative of Love Is All You Need is pretty much all you need to know about where this movie, ...

Mommy Dearest

by Laura Leon September 21, 2011


Based on the nerve-tapping 2002 bestseller of the same name, I Don’t Know How She Does It depicts the juggling act modern working mothers construct in order to maintain some sort of order. Kate Reddy ...