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Reel Politics

by The Staff November 8, 2012


  The Great McGinty No discussion of political flicks would be complete without Preston Sturges’ hilarious The Great McGinty. With this portrait of a classic pre-World War II big-city political machine, Sturges pulled off the impossible: an ...

Joan Walsh

by The Staff November 1, 2012


  Salon.com editor at large (and frequent MSNBC guest) Joan Walsh is one of our most astute political observers. She’s also a pleasure to read, which makes her one of the go-to progressive voices on the ...

Sanctuary for Independent Media

None of the Above

by Laura Leon October 13, 2011


The Ides of March tries hard to be both cunning and cutthroat in its depiction of politics as a dirty game. Who knew? The pacing in this political thriller is fast, so much so that ...

Comp-ish Plan-ish

by Miriam Axel-Lute July 20, 2011

I’d like to say that I read the draft of Albany’s Comprehensive plan so you don’t have to, but I’m going say up front (perhaps predictably) that I think you should too (or at least ...

Pissarro’s People

by The Staff June 8, 2011


He is often considered the father of impressionism, and Camille Pissarro’s modulated landscapes and cityscapes are frequently examined through an artistic lens. But the artist was a social and economic philosopher as well, and this ...

Clark Art Institute

A History of Violence

by Laura Leon June 8, 2011

A woman’s dying wish to her grown twins is to find a brother they never knew existed and a father they presumed dead, a quest that will lead them far from their Montreal environs to ...