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post-apocalyptic narratives

The Pleasure Is All Ours

by The Staff July 5, 2012


  Looking for Me By and large the 1970s were a sinkhole for me in terms of movies I could latch onto. Oh sure, there were the classics, but in terms of finding anything depicting the trials, ...

Teenage Drivel

by Shawn Stone March 29, 2012


  Filmmakers have become adept at bringing us the end of the world: zombies, plagues, natural disasters, Biblical wrath, comic-book doom and other such grim whatnot. The Hunger Games brings something new to the “post-apocalyptic dystopia” ...

Tom Perrotta

by The Staff November 22, 2011


Economic collapse and growing income inequality have contributed, according to many economists, to the decline of the middle class. Novelist Tom Perrotta, in tales like The Abstinence Teacher and his latest, The Leftovers, is one ...

University at Albany Campus Center

Our Own Worst Enemy

by Jo Page November 22, 2011


In Colson Whitehead’s new novel, Zone One, main character Mark Spitz is one of an armed team of “sweepers” tasked with taking out any stragglers found in lower Manhattan south of Canal Street: Zone One. ...