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Anything Goes

by The Staff July 3, 2013

Anything Goes Tour

  Roundabout Theatre Company’s acclaimed revival of Cole Porter’s Anything Goes opens at Proctors this week for a six-day run. Set on a glamorous transatlantic liner, this story of “lovers, liars and clowns” is a comic triumph ...


Gonzo Theater

by James Yeara May 15, 2013

  They’re all locked in the room with no means of communicating with the outside. Only one man knows their specific purpose. Everyone else knows they’re desperate to do something, with someone, somewhere. Some have been ...

Schenectady High School

Best of Arts

by The Staff July 19, 2012


  Best Arts Complex Proctors 432 State St., Schenectady Quality programming across genres in multiple venues, simultaneously: Proctors set a high standard for themselves, and meet it. Broadway shows, independent and classic cinema, internationally renowned pop, classical, soul, rock ...


Readers Poll: Media & Arts

by The Staff March 8, 2012


Media   Best Local TV News 1. WNYT, NewsChannel13 2. WRGB, CBS6 3. WTEN, ABC10 In contrast with last year’s close vote totals, NewsChannel 13 won in a landslide. Only a few votes separated the runners-up.   Best Local TV News Anchor 1. Benita ...


A Week in the Dark

by Shawn Stone December 14, 2011

thumb_MOVIES 06 lz

It’s late on a Friday afternoon. Most people are hanging out with friends after work, or they’re making their way home. Maybe they’re already home, preparing dinner or getting ready to go out for the ...

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Dancing With God

by Shawn Stone October 27, 2011


The Shakers, a religious society that flourished mostly in the 18th and 19th centuries (and were not unknown around these parts), were an offshoot of the Quakers. This fact was reflected in the opening of ...

Play Dates for Adults

by Elyse Beaudoin July 28, 2011


“And now we need a volunteer to spin the Wheel of Endowment,” said the host in a lofty voice. With a swift spin from an audience member, the wheel landed on the “pop culture” category. Two ...

Proctors Underground

True Liberation

by B.A. Nilsson May 5, 2011


Call it a theatrical happening or a political screed—Hair is a late-’60s artifact that lacks a coherent book and sports a poorly crafted score, yet, as the revival production ...


Girls Night: The Musical

by The Staff April 20, 2011

Girls Night

The ultimate jukebox musical is back: “Follow five friends as they relive their past, celebrate their present and look to the future on a wild and hilarious karaoke night out—and you’ll recognize every one of ...


Blue Man Group

by The Staff April 6, 2011


They’re blue, they’re impish, they love music, adventure and making you laugh. The Blue Man Group are pretty much like Smurfs for grownups. Although we doubt The New York Times ever declared a work by ...

Piano Jazz Summit

by The Staff March 30, 2011


Piano Jazz Summit With 88 keys under your fingers, the possibilities for improvisation are endless. It’s no coincidence then that the piano has always served a central role in jazz. On Friday, three generations of jazz ...

Hakuna Matata

by B.A. Nilsson March 10, 2011


Stage spectacle has become a maelstrom of lights and props, loud music and gimmicks, but the most compelling entertainment still needs humans—human figures and voices and conflicts. Which is why the mask-and-puppet imagery of The ...


The Lion King

by The Staff February 16, 2011


Director Julie Taymor made Broadway history in 1997 when she became the first woman to win a Tony Award for direction of a musical. Her victory? The Lion King. Adapted from Disney’s animated film, the visually ...


Capital Region Wine Festival

by The Staff February 9, 2011

Wine enthusiasts, gourmands and art lovers will unite at Proctors this weekend for Romancing the Grape, the Captial Region Wine Festival. The gala event features an international array of reserve wines and delicacies from the ...



by The Staff February 2, 2011


Since the ’80s, pop-jazz singer Suede has garnered comparisons to Bette Midler, Natalie Cole and Diana Krall, but none of those divas ever stepped back from the mic, nodded to her band, and then blew ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

They’ve got Balls

by B.A. Nilsson January 26, 2011

For a long time I considered juggling the only worthy face of mime: deft jugglers obviously earned their money with a skill that the fumble-thumbed such as I never will achieve. Then I saw the Flying ...


Joanna Smith

by The Staff January 12, 2011


It’s one of the great traditions in country music: The singer-songwriter who first comes to prominence when other artists perform their songs. That’s what happened to Joanna Smith when two of her tunes were recorded ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Dead Cat Bounce

by The Staff January 12, 2011

“Dead cat bounce” is Wall Street speak for when a declining stock rebounds momentarily on its course toward oblivion. It’s actually a fairly optomistic notion in these bleak, recessionary times. Reminds you of the blues, ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

To Life

by B.A. Nilsson January 5, 2011


MUSIC BY JERRY BOCK, LYRICS BY SHELDON HARNICK, BOOK BY JOSEPH STEIN, DIRECTED BY SAMMY DALLAS BAYES PROCTORS, THROUGH JAN. 9   When Fiddler on the Roof opened on Broadway in 1964, musical theater was still supplying songs ...


The Tartan Terrors

by The Staff January 5, 2011


They’re all young and smiling. They’re all wearing kilts or skirts. And they all look like they can kick ass—serious ass. The indefatigable Eighth Step series begins an impressive 43rd season this weekend, including this performance ...

GE Theatre at Proctors

Royal Harmonies

by B.A. Nilsson February 11, 2010

Legendary choral conductor Sir David Willcocks likes to tell the story of a group of singers who worked with him at King’s College in the mid-1960s and aspired to go out on their own. “You’ll ...