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Great Rides! Film Festival

by The Staff July 23, 2015


  Every summer, PS 21 in Chatham hosts a wide-ranging film series, screening everything from gritty indie documentaries to glossy Hollywood musicals. That’s true this summer, too, but this week they’re having a festival within a ...


Hudson Air Radio Theater

by The Staff July 2, 2015


  This weekend at PS21 in Chatham, Hudson Air Radio Theater will return you to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when radio drama didn’t mean Ira Glass or a true-crime podcast, but instead legitimate drama performed ...


Community Woman

by Erin Pihlaja October 17, 2012


  “Who would have thought there'd be four places to get cappuccino here,” says Judy Grunberg. On this rainy October afternoon, Grunberg sits in one of the village of Chatham’s coffee shops looking out of the window. ...