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Queen Mab’s Enchanted City

by Ann Morrow October 2, 2014


  Do you believe in magic? The creative types of downtown Troy certainly do, and as proof, they present Queen Mab’s Enchanted City, a free “steampunk-inspired street fair for the whole family” on Saturday (Oct. 4), ...


Technology With Heart

by B.A. Nilsson January 23, 2014


  It’s a cinematic spectacle, the kind of theatrical event usually reserved for Cameron Mackintosh-style musical extravaganzas, last seen on the Proctors mainstage in the mammoth Les Miz. But this time it wasn’t a musical—although there’s ...


Adirondack Delight

by James Yeara August 1, 2013


  Avenue Q is a musical triumph: a feel-good, laugh-out-loud, surreal hallucination. See it. It’s still playing off-Broadway in Manhattan, where it played on Broadway for six years after starting as an off-Broadway hipster affair. It’s ...

Charles R. Wood Theater

The Other Gamine

by Shawn Stone October 25, 2012


  Audrey Hepburn personified the zeitgeist as the 1950s equivalent of today’s “pixie girl,” and generation after generation has continued to identify with her image. Yet the Dutch-born gamine did have rivals, and the best of ...

Holiday Vacation Daze

by The Staff December 21, 2011


Merry merry, parents! The schools are closed and your children are going to be lounging around the house all week. If you’re looking for something worthwhile to get them out of the house, let us ...

Steamer No. 10 Theatre

Jeff Dunham

by The Staff December 7, 2011


On the off chance that you, too, got sucked into watching the documentary about international star ventriloquist-comic Jeff Dunham, I’m No Dummy (get it? get it?) at two in the morning last week, you probably ...

Glens Falls Civic Center

Ed Atkeson’s Firlefanz Puppets

by The Staff December 1, 2011


Many of us have fond memories of the former Firlefanz Gallery on Lark Street in Albany, and of challenging, dramatic performances over the years by the still-vibrant Firlefanz Puppets company. You can rekindle those memories—or ...

Albany Center Gallery

Phantom Limb: 69º S.

by The Staff September 22, 2011


In the 20th century, two of the last unexplored frontiers were at the top and bottom of the world: the Arctic and Antarctic. Much misery was endured to explore these icy, unforgiving regions; few suffered ...


Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM

by The Staff June 29, 2011


In Dark Matters, the work to be performed at Jacob’s Pillow by the “sensational” Kidd Pivot Frankfurt RM company, a lonely artist creates a loose-limbed puppet. From the moment of creation, things don’t go so ...

Jacob's Pillow

Talk To the Hand Puppet

by John Rodat June 15, 2011

There’s a symbolically overt scene in The Beaver in which teenage Porter Black (Anton Yelchin) plasters over the dozens of Post-It Notes on his wall with a portable graffiti mural painted by his girlfriend, Norah ...

Full Steam Ahead

by John Rodat April 20, 2011

It begins with a mea culpa, of sorts. Though Steamer No. 10 Theatre, the “little theatre that could,” is in its 20th year of operation, my visit for the Monday performance of the Tanglewood Marionettes’ ...

Steamer No. 10 Theatre