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Rachel Weisz

Still Feels Like Kansas

by Shawn Stone March 13, 2013


  It could have been worse. But it’s still pretty bad. This fantasy epic is riddled with problems: James Franco is a terrible Wizard of Oz; the film plods along to an extent that it would have ...

Born Again

by Ann Morrow August 16, 2012


  There’s a lot of legacy to this reboot of the Bourne trilogy starring Matt Damon. Adapted from the espionage novels of Robert Ludlum, the original three were intelligent, stylish, and kinetic, balancing thrilling kill scenes ...

Out of the Ruins

by Shawn Stone April 18, 2012


The title of Terence Davies’ soulful film based on Terence Rattigan’s play has nothing to do with the ocean. It refers to the idiom (and Tin Pan Alley standard) in which someone laments being caught ...


by Ann Morrow October 6, 2011


Two little girls stand at the end of a hallway, backs to the camera, staring at whatever might be behind the stained and peeling wallpaper. It’s a gratuitous image, perhaps made as a red herring ...

Army of One

by Shawn Stone September 21, 2011


  There’s a moment in The Whistleblower when a man of power and position, a representative of an organization that’s supposed to be on the side of “right,” refers to trafficked teenage girls as “whores of ...