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Exceptional Holiness

by The Staff November 1, 2012


  The photography exhibit opening Friday at Albany’s Romaine Brooks Gallery will showcase new works by Boston-based artist Eileen Clynes. And if you recognize her name, it’s probably because she used to make the Capital Region ...

Romaine Brooks Gallery

Getting Past Stupid

by Jo Page September 19, 2012

  If there’s one thing I understand, after 20 years as an ordained clergy, it’s that faith is irrational. If there’s another thing I understand, it’s that irrationality, while it may provide comfort, insight, inspiration—making art ...

Woman of Christ

by Laura Leon October 19, 2011


Movies, both mainstream and independent, usually depict religion as a foreign thing worthy of mistrust and fear—like one of the zombies in The Walking Dead—and the religious as whack-job fanatics. Certainly, the media reports on ...