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Richard Linklater

Love Hurts

by Laura Leon June 19, 2013


  Has it really been 18 years since film audiences were charmed by the flirtations of American Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and French Celine (Julie Delpy)? They met cute on a train crossing Europe, and enjoyed the ...

Only in Texas

by Shawn Stone August 23, 2012


Everybody loved Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), the friendliest, most caring undertaker in Carthage, Texas. He was attentive to his job, active in his church, supportive of local culture and felicitous of little old ladies. In ...

A Boy’s Own Adventure

by Shawn Stone February 11, 2010

His moment: McKay as the titular character in Me and Orson Welles. This is one of those “what if?” stories, in which fiction is blended with fact to make a “better” tale. ...