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Richard Rodgers

Better Than Broadway

by B.A. Nilsson July 17, 2014


  On the heels of Oklahoma, their first collaboration, came Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, based on a depressing but popular play by Ferenc Molnár. Liliom presented a charming but hotheaded protagonist who gets a chance to ...

Glimmerglass Festival

Lovers, Blues Skies and a Few Clouds

by James Yeara July 10, 2013


  Called back for a second curtain call, Curly (Jarid Faubel) encourages the audience to sing along with the cast in a reprise of the title song, and boy, do people sing: loud and lustily, as ...

Colonial Theatre

The Sound of Music

by The Staff March 13, 2013


  Rodgers and Hammerstein’s last big Broadway hit, The Sound of Music, didn’t break new ground in musical theater the way their Oklahoma did, or take on social issues in a new and challenging way like, ...

Schenectady Light Opera Company


by The Staff August 18, 2011


Ferenc Molnár’s downbeat, fantastical play about a carnival barker who hurts those closest to him—and then commits suicide—hardly seems like good material for a musical. Yet Rodgers and Hammerstein used it as the basis for ...

Mac-Haydn Theatre

Ten Cents a Dance

by The Staff August 18, 2011


Songbook musicals can be a touch awkward in their attempt to pen a story that connects the disparate songs of a single composer. But with Ten Cents a Dance, John Doyle (famed for recent powerful ...

Williamstown Theatre Festival