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romantic comedy

She’s Not the One

by Laura Leon June 27, 2012


I know from scads of reviews that Greta Gerwig is the new indie darling, a quirky yet accessible protagonist. As far as I can make out, Gerwig’s appeal seems to be linked to some mysterious ...

Gentle Enough for Baby

by Laura Leon May 24, 2012

  The enormous success of What to Expect When You’re Expecting and its, er, literary offspring was in large part due to the timing of its debut, which paralleled the beginning of mommy-baby chic. Not only ...

Dumb Love

by Laura Leon May 2, 2012


The Five Year Engagement starts out cute—in fact, really cute, although not in a way that makes you cringe (that comes later). Tom (Jason Segal) proposes to Violet (Emily Blunt) on a romantic San Fran ...

Game Changer

by Laura Leon April 26, 2012


  A few years ago, comedian Steve Harvey came out with a book called Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, which outlined a new—or rather, an old—playbook for women to follow if they wanted ...

Bed and Sofa

by The Staff April 19, 2012


The New York State Writers Institute is in the middle of finishing out its Spring film series with a quartet of silent-film delights. The Institute already has presented Daddy Long Legs, Marshall Neilan’s charming slice ...

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