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Talking About Love

by Laura Leon September 13, 2012


Girl meets boy. Girl becomes fast friends with boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl marries boy. Girl decides, a few years later, boy isn’t the right fit. Girl leaves. Boy finds somebody new. ...

The Remains of the Day

by Laura Leon August 16, 2012


While you wouldn’t know it from the marketing campaign, Hope Springs is not a laugh riot about the foibles of middle-age couples trying to regain that long-lost spark. It is, rather, a surprisingly supple, often ...

Bon Iver

by Raurri Jennings August 10, 2011

"Stay dry out there,” quipped Bon Iver’s humble mastermind, Justin Vernon, as rain dripped on the crowd surrounding the stage at Mountain Park. “Or don’t. It’s your choice.” Backed by a nine-piece band including trombones, violins, ...

Scenes From a Break-Up

by Laura Leon August 3, 2011


I almost bolted from the theater when, in one of the first scenes of Crazy, Stupid, Love., Julianne Moore, playing an unhappy wife named Emily Weaver, tells her husband Cal (Steve Carrell) that she wants ...