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Ron Howard

The Celebrity Report: Haiku

by John Rodat November 13, 2013


  His kimono flows. David Bowie loves ping pong. Iman won’t play him.   The chips and snacks aisle: A roadie buys Funyons. Lady Gaga smiles.   No, Donald Glover is not the child of Danny. Nor Corey’s either.   Tom Hanks hates the mail. So many flyers for ...

Dangerous Men

by Shawn Stone October 3, 2013


  It’s self-evident that race car drivers aren’t like the rest of us. At one point in the terrific action drama Rush, Formula One racer James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) tartly admonishes one of his many adoring/complaining ...

No Choice At All

by Ann Morrow January 19, 2011

Directed by Ron Howard at his blandest, The Dilemma is a bromance that relies on bromides. Vince Vaughn is Ronny, a car-engine salesman, and Kevin James is Nick, his engineer partner and best friend. Predictably ...