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Santa Claus

Santa Fidelis

by John Rodat December 24, 2013


  A darkened room is dominated by a large projection screen. A map of the world’s continents glows in blue digital light. Individual red lights densely dot those outlines and with trails of red connecting them ...

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Albany Symphony Orchestra

by The Staff December 5, 2013


  Another beloved local musical tradition returns this weekend: Albany Symphony Orchestra’s Magic of Christmas concerts. Maestro David Alan Miller will lead the ASO (and some very special young, musically talented guests) in a program of holiday ...

Palace Theatre

Ho Ho Ho

by Laura Leon November 29, 2012

  I’ll admit, finding out that there was no Santa devastated me. I mean, coming across those bags of toys that could only be for me confirmed that I had been a very, very bad child. ...

A John Waters Christmas

by The Staff November 28, 2012


  Best known as the iconoclastic director of such trash cinema classics as Pink Flamingos, Multiple Maniacs, Female Trouble and that ongoing fountain-of-cash Hairspray, Waters is also an accomplished author, essayist, social activist and raconteur. It’s ...

The Egg

Miracle on 34th Street

by The Staff December 7, 2011


What would you do if you met an elderly fellow from a retirement home working a seasonal retail gig who insisted he was Santa Claus? Probably what most of the folks in Miracle on 34th ...