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Beauty Versus the Biz

by James Yeara August 11, 2011

For its innaugural production, Berkshire Actors Theatre presents a stiletto interpretation of John Patrick Shanley’s 1993 smackdown of moviemaking, Four Dogs and a Bone. An Academy Award winner for Moonstruck and a Pulitzer Prize winner ...

New Stage Performing Center

The Sequel

by John Rodat July 6, 2011

Int. - day. The interview set of morning news program Good Morning, This Morning! The spotlit host, Matt Yip, is a generically handsome man, wearing slacks and a sport coat. He is sitting in a ...

Breaking All the Rules

by Laura Leon June 29, 2011

bad teacher thumb

There’s something exhilarating about watching a beautiful woman like Cameron Diaz play such a downright nasty woman as Elizabeth Halsey, the title character in Jake Kasdan’s Bad Teacher. We first encounter her as she leaves ...