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Scott Cooper

Neighborhood Evil

by Shawn Stone September 24, 2015

  Thanks to the gruesome skill of convicted gang boss James “Whitey” Bulger, Boston is the new “it” location in gangster films. First there was The Departed, a remake of a Hong Kong crime drama that ...


Hard Times

by Ann Morrow December 12, 2013


  Out of the Furnace is titled after the historical novel Out of This Furnace, about steelworkers in Braddock, Pa., and the film undoubtedly gets its corrosive authenticity from that work. Yet the belching steel mills ...

Old-Fashioned Country Values

by Laura Leon February 4, 2010

A while back in these pages, I recounted one of my earliest live musical events, a George Jones-Tammy Wynette concert in Saratoga Springs. At that time, “No-Show Jones” was infamous for last-minute cancellations, due to ...