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sexy time

Fun With Viagra

by Evie January 22, 2015


  “It sends me on a rocket trip right through your solar system,” Dr. Mark Haskin tells Samantha when she asks him what Viagra does for him. Carrie later tells us that Samantha landed on the ...

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Threesomes, Anyone?

by Evie January 8, 2015

  “I told her if we made it 10 years I’d get her a diamond. If we made it 25 . . . threesome.” They’ve been married 34 years; still no threesome. Oh, and the “they,” ...

The Hair Down There

by Evie December 24, 2014


  Pants hamster. Now do I have your attention? Unfortunately for me there aren’t that many popular euphemisms for pubic hair, other than bush or carpet, so when I came across pants hamster I decided I’d take ...

Morning Wood

by Evie December 11, 2014


  Alright, Noah, you want morning sex? Then listen up. Yes, you can wake me with a poke to my backside. I’ll be the little spoon; you be the big spoon. Please don’t exhale with too ...

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Sexual Gratitude

by Evie November 26, 2014

  Mom can ask me to peel potatoes, but she better not ask me to say grace this year. There’s something about me being a writer that makes her think I’m the best choice for leading ...

Measuring Up

by Evie November 13, 2014


  “Of course it matters!” says a friend when I ask her the question I’ve spent the past couple days exploring: Does size matter? I’ve always thought it didn’t; that it just mattered what the guy ...


Halloween Sexy Time

by Evie October 30, 2014

  This Halloween isn’t about candy. It’s about fantasy, and I’m hoping mine plays out like this: Noah requests I dress up as a sexy grasshopper, which means I bartend all night in a tight, short, green ...

the bed

Text Dirty to Me

by Evie October 16, 2014

  I’d make you drink a few glasses of wine and start kissing your neck softly while I move my hand up your thigh . . . eventually pick you up . . . tell you ...

Party of One

by Evie October 2, 2014


  Last night it happened in less than 30 seconds. I quickly made my way to setting No. 4 (my favorite) and reflected back on some bedroom fun—that’s all it took. Sage says it usually takes ...

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A Place to Play

by Evie September 18, 2014

  Tea has a different taste when served to you by a slave, but I sipped on it anyway. I didn’t want to be rude. I never got the name of this slave, a woman maybe ...

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Where There’s Smoke

by Evie August 21, 2014

  Naked, with my back stiff against his headboard, I sat there silent, self-conscious, and shocked. Ouch, I thought, which applied to both my mental and physical state. I held his blue striped comforter tightly over ...

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What’s Your Number?

by Evie August 7, 2014

thumb_bed post 3

  “It has to be over a thousand,” my Aunt Dee said, in reference to the number of people she believed my grandfather had slept with in his life. Just 12 years old, I sat at the ...

In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play

by The Staff February 20, 2014


  Among the great innovations of the Victorian era, which include the pedal-driven bicycle, the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable, the telephone and the pneumatic tire, none proved more satisfying than the vibrator. Sarah Ruhl’s ...

Theatre Institute at Sage

Burlesque Paradiso 1920s Revue

by The Staff December 30, 2011


If you want to swing in the New Year like it’s 1929, just hike up your hemline, tighten your bowtie, and travel back in time along Central Avenue. Burlesque Paradiso is promising a “speakeasy way” ...

Ristorante Paradiso