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sexy time

Where There’s Smoke

by Evie August 21, 2014

  Naked, with my back stiff against his headboard, I sat there silent, self-conscious, and shocked. Ouch, I thought, which applied to both my mental and physical state. I held his blue striped comforter tightly over ...

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What’s Your Number?

by Evie August 7, 2014

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  “It has to be over a thousand,” my Aunt Dee said, in reference to the number of people she believed my grandfather had slept with in his life. Just 12 years old, I sat at the ...


In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play

by The Staff February 20, 2014


  Among the great innovations of the Victorian era, which include the pedal-driven bicycle, the laying of the transatlantic telegraph cable, the telephone and the pneumatic tire, none proved more satisfying than the vibrator. Sarah Ruhl’s ...

Theatre Institute at Sage

Burlesque Paradiso 1920s Revue

by The Staff December 30, 2011


If you want to swing in the New Year like it’s 1929, just hike up your hemline, tighten your bowtie, and travel back in time along Central Avenue. Burlesque Paradiso is promising a “speakeasy way” ...

Ristorante Paradiso