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Ephrata Cloister Chorus

by The Staff June 20, 2013


  The music of one early American religious community will performed on the grounds of another as Pennsylvania’s Ephrata Cloister Chorus sings at the Shaker Heritage Society this Sunday. This is a benefit concert—and it’s for a ...

Shaker Heritage Society

Dancing With God

by Shawn Stone October 27, 2011


The Shakers, a religious society that flourished mostly in the 18th and 19th centuries (and were not unknown around these parts), were an offshoot of the Quakers. This fact was reflected in the opening of ...


by B.A. Nilsson October 19, 2011


Shaker leader Ann Lee, who emigrated from England in 1774 with eight followers, was known to her followers as “Mother Ann,” an ironic designation when you consider that she never cared for sexual activity and ...