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Shirley MacLaine

Only in Texas

by Shawn Stone August 23, 2012


Everybody loved Bernie Tiede (Jack Black), the friendliest, most caring undertaker in Carthage, Texas. He was attentive to his job, active in his church, supportive of local culture and felicitous of little old ladies. In ...

Artists and Aliens

by B.A. Nilsson March 29, 2012


If, like me, you’re an insomniac, and/or you enjoy the early antemeridian hours, you’ve tuned in to the radio program Coast to Coast AM. Which means you’ve heard the callers, the people phoning in from ...

1 comment Proctors

Shirley MacLaine

by The Staff March 22, 2012


Shirley MacLaine has had a hell of a career, and she’s going to look back on it Friday evening at Proctors. The Oscar-winning actress, author, singer and dancer will be telling her story and showing clips ...