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Sunny Side of the Mountain

by Ali Hibbs August 6, 2015

  Late last month, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that three state-operated ski resorts have made a commitment to using solar power to operate their ski lift and snowmaking operations. The 25-year agreement with Borrego Solar is the ...


Family Time

by Shawn Stone November 26, 2014


  Force Majeure is a comedy. It is a very dark comedy, and it’s likely that some people will be afraid to laugh. Don’t be. This upper-class Swedish family’s misery is very funny. The accidental force referred ...

Warren Miller’s Ticket to Ride

by The Staff November 13, 2013


  You can smell it, feel it, and almost taste it: Snow is coming. And with the snow will come skiing, snowboarding and all manner of outdoor excitement. Right on cue, Warren Miller Entertainment is coming to ...

Palace Theatre

Warren Miller’s Like There’s No Tomorrow

by The Staff November 16, 2011


Except no substitutes: When it comes to making action films of professional-grade skiing and snowboarding, no one captures the excitement of winter sports or the snow-struck grandeur of nature better than Warren Miller Entertainment. See ...

Palace Theatre