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Sonic Youth

Chelsea Light Moving

by The Staff May 8, 2013


  Thurston Moore must’ve gotten bored really fast after Sonic Youth officially broke up in 2011. Why? Because he’s already skipped past his solo work and moved right on to another band, Chelsea Light Moving. The ...

Helsinki Hudson

Dinosaur Jr., Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore

by The Staff June 15, 2011


As the story goes, the members of Sonic Youth were fairly unimpressed the first time they saw Dinosaur Jr. perform. They weren’t alone. It wasn’t until the slacker rock pioneers’ third album, Bug, that they ...

Calvin Theatre

A Real Cool Time

by John Brodeur September 8, 2010

It’s all true: The New York installment of All Tomorrow’s Parties is the best U.S. music fest going by an easy mile. Kutsher’s, the last of the kosher Castkills resorts, is a beautifully decrepit time ...