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The Knights

by The Staff September 26, 2013


  More than one article about the Knights, a youthful chamber ensemble coming to the Troy Music Hall this Sunday, mentions the DIY nature of the group. This is a trend in classical music, as fewer ...

Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

Entertaining and Scholarly

by B.A. Nilsson August 22, 2013


  If you can devote but one day to a Bard Summerscape composer series, you should go whole hog. A Saturday, for example, starts with a 10 AM talk, and breaks in time for you to ...

1 comment Bard College Olin Hall

Difficult Forever

by B.A. Nilsson July 10, 2013


  We begin with the final Sacrificial Dance--but who is the chosen victim? A large ghost light hangs over the stage as the performers enter—15 of them—in the throes of what seems an almost involuntary passion, ...

Bard College Richard B. Fisher Center

The 5 Browns

by The Staff May 23, 2013


  The famous (and famously talented) brothers-and-sisters piano ensemble return to the Capital Region for a special performance at Skidmore College as part of SaratogaArtsFest. On Wednesday, the 5 Browns will celebrate the 100th anniversary of ...

Zankel Music Center