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Ted Shawn Theatre


by The Staff July 24, 2014


  The times have changed: One dance critic has pronounced that “Circa has reinvented circus the way Cique du Soleil did decades ago . . . but the young company is way cooler.” You can judge for ...

Jacob's Pillow

Underground Emotions

by Lynn Hasselbarth July 10, 2013

Photo: ©Julieta Cervantes

  A man in a suit enters the performance space, the sound of his footsteps magnified along with the steady droning of distant traffic. A row of ground-level headlights suddenly illuminates across the back of the ...

Jacob's Pillow

Compagnie Käfig

by The Staff June 19, 2013


  According to the festival’s own publicity, Compagnie Käfig were “the smash hit” of the 2012 Jacob’s Pillow season. The critic for the Boston Globe praised the French-Brazilian company’s blend of martial arts, hip-hop and contemporary ...

Jacob's Pillow