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The Parlor

also noted . . .

by The Staff January 22, 2015


  Tonight (Thursday), local singer-songwriter duo the Parlor will headline a bill at the Low Beat that also includes Neighborhood of Make Believe and Slowshine (8 PM, 432-6572). . . . Also tonight, cancer survivor and ...

B3nson Presents: 7th Annual Funsgiving

by The Staff November 21, 2014


  Seven awesome bands, two favorite venues, one kickass show! What more could you possibly be thankful for? Well, sure. . . . family and health and all that. But Funsgiving might just be the next ...

Pauly's Hotel

Ton Lokal: Seasons Change

by Timothy Reidy November 6, 2014


  Late Summer is always a different time of year for music in this area; the last summer shows commence and day festivals pop up. Restoration Festival kept it pretty much local this past year, and ...

Restoration Festival

by The Staff August 15, 2014


  In keeping with the robust tradition of daily newspapers arriving to a cultural trend story in time to break the news to everyone’s grandparents, the TU recently declared Troy the new Brooklyn. Which is to ...

CAC Woodside

Also Noted . . .

by The Staff July 17, 2014


  It’s an all-local lineup at Alive at Five tonight (Thursday) with Hard Soul, Stellar Young and Eastbound Jesus (5 PM, free), the latter of whom will move over to the Hollow Bar later on to ...

Best of Arts

by The Staff July 19, 2012


  Best Arts Complex Proctors 432 State St., Schenectady Quality programming across genres in multiple venues, simultaneously: Proctors set a high standard for themselves, and meet it. Broadway shows, independent and classic cinema, internationally renowned pop, classical, soul, rock ...