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The Romance Issue

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

by The Staff February 11, 2010

Ironically, Valentine’s Day just may be the least-loved holiday going—save for Bosses’ Day (but, in this still-uncertain economy, we’re not crazy enough to go there. Love ya, Chief!). In any event, though the cynics carp ...

16 love

by Stephen Leon February 11, 2010

If a teacher didn’t give us assigned seats, it didn’t matter: Students sat in pretty much the same place day after day. In English, Nicole sat kitty-corner behind me to my left; in chemistry, we ...

A Labor of Love

by Elizabeth Knapp February 11, 2010

When newlyweds Rhea and Brad decided to move from Jacksonville, Fla., to Troy in 2008, they were expecting to enter a whole new world of opportunities. Rhea, 27, was offered a job in Internet marketing, ...

Playing the field

by Ali Hibbs February 11, 2010

So. It’s Valentines Day . . . and you plan to spend it in the dark, drinking tequila and eating Betty Crocker Rainbow Chip frosting out of the container, while watching all the Scream movies ...

Still Crazy

by Amy Halloran February 11, 2010

There may be 50 ways to leave your lover, but you need a lot more ways to figure out how to stay. This is because the powerful feelings that come from falling in love don’t ...

Savage Love

by Dan Savage February 11, 2010

A few years before my wife and I met, she made porn with her boyfriend at the time. He intended to start a pay-per-view Web site but never launched it. I was a bit upset ...

Louche Laughs

by James Yeara February 11, 2010

There’s plenty of enjoyment in this Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Shakespeare & Company’s winter production of the 1987 Tony Award-nominated play (later made into the Oscar-winning 1988 film starring Glenn Close and John Malkovich). The play ...