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Tyler Perry’s Madea On the Run

by The Staff September 10, 2015


  Over the last decade or so, Tyler Perry has become a one-man entertainment industry with a series of wildly successful films, TV shows and stage plays. And this industry was built on the shoulders of ...

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A Collar and a Dream

by Ann Morrow July 2, 2015


  Based on a collars-and-cuffs company in Troy and penned by one of the greatest wits in American theater, Helen of Troy, New York is a 1923 musical comedy that spoofs the city’s collar industry—while giving ...

Lighter Than Air

by Shawn Stone November 6, 2014


  It’s an irresistible concept: Cast the star (Michael Keaton) of a 1990s blockbuster film franchise (Batman) in a movie about the midlife crisis of a star (the fictional Riggan Thomson) of a 1990s blockbuster film ...


by The Staff October 23, 2014

  In her short career, Albany- and Brooklyn-based writer-director Noelle Gentile has presented theatrical works addressing the problems of women veterans, climate change and workers’ rights. Her latest project, a multimedia collaboration with Amelia Whalen, Allison ...

Steamer No. 10 Theatre

Righteously Sexy

by James Yeara May 22, 2014


  The 2014 version of The God Game begins, appropriately enough, with a tease. An attractive blonde stands in an oval office, slowly stripping as a handsome salt-and-pepper-haired man sits in his upholstered, high-back executive chair ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

Technology With Heart

by B.A. Nilsson January 23, 2014


  It’s a cinematic spectacle, the kind of theatrical event usually reserved for Cameron Mackintosh-style musical extravaganzas, last seen on the Proctors mainstage in the mammoth Les Miz. But this time it wasn’t a musical—although there’s ...


The Mountaintop

by The Staff January 16, 2014


  Capital Repertory Theatre’s next production, opening this week, is Katori Hall’s acclaimed Broadway and West End drama The Mountaintop. Set at Memphis’ Lorraine Motel the night of April 3, 1968, The Mountaintop imagines Martin Luther ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

War Horse

by The Staff January 9, 2014


  It’s hard to imagine in our modern, mechanized digital world, but horses played a key part in the first modern war of the last century. A staggering number of horses participated—and died—in World War I; ...


Other People’s Money

by The Staff October 10, 2013


  If you want a ruefully, deliciously entertaining primer on how we—the good citizens of the United States—came to suffer under the current economic regime, you should see the new Ghent Playhouse production of Jerry Sterner’s ...

Ghent Playhouse

I’m Your Girl

by James Yeara October 10, 2013


  According to the annual survey in American Theatre magazine, Venus in Fur is the most produced play in Equity theaters across the nation today, and on Capital Rep’s stage it’s not hard to see why. ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

Jullien Maire

by The Staff September 19, 2013


  Fun fact: In 16th- and 17th-century Europe, anatomical dissection was a public event. Tickets were sold. The dissections were held in a space very much like a theater. These events had scientific, artistic and social ...



by The Staff June 13, 2013


  Shakespeare & Company’s latest production, Heroes, opens with a preview performance tonight (Thursday). The award-winning Heroes is “the irreverent and poignant story of three World War I veterans confined to a retirement home in their ...

Shakespeare & Company Elayne P. Bernstein Theatre

War Stories

by Erin Pihlaja May 8, 2013


  When Brianna Carter, age 17, first met the nine female veterans whose stories are the heart of the play, On Her Shoulders, she was surprised. She had expected, as she describes, the “G.I. Jane” type—the ...

Steamer No. 10 Theatre

Miami Spice

by Ann Morrow July 25, 2012


  It’s unlikely that pink flamingos were part of the set design for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night during its Elizabethan run, but for this season’s production by Saratoga Shakespeare Company, flamingos, and panama hats and Salsa music, ...

Congress Park


by The Staff May 30, 2012


“Ki yi yippi yi yea!” Saddle up, little pards, and mosey on over to Time & Space Limited: Linda Mussmann and Claudia Bruce are fixin’ to join forces with performance artist C. Ryder Cooley this weekend ...

Time and Space Limited


by B.A. Nilsson October 19, 2011


Shaker leader Ann Lee, who emigrated from England in 1774 with eight followers, was known to her followers as “Mother Ann,” an ironic designation when you consider that she never cared for sexual activity and ...


Fall Arts Listings

by The Staff September 15, 2011


Pop Music Bearsville Theater 291 Tinker St., Woodstock, (845) 679-4406. Sept. 26: the Bruce Katz Band. Sept 30: Bearsville Session #4—Motown. Oct. 3: Kate Taylor. Oct. 10: Jay Collins and the Kings County Band. Oct. 14: Stephen Stills. ...

Berkshire Fringe Festival

by The Staff July 28, 2011


The New York Times called Berkshire Fringe “sassy and experimental . . . the Enfant Terrible of the region.” And this year the kids are making an effort to keep up the buzz. The festival features ...

Daniel Arts Center

The K of D, an Urban Legend

by The Staff June 22, 2011


As the subtitle of Laura Schellhardt’s play suggests, The K of D is an eerie, unsettling drama with the narrative kick of a classic urban legend. Set in a lakeside resort town over the course ...

Charles R. Wood Theater

Play By Play: Shadows

by The Staff June 22, 2011

Each year, Stageworks/Hudson presents Play by Play, a festival of eight new one-act plays, all performed by a cast of four actors and directed by two directors. It’s an ambitious undertaking that they have realized ...


The Memory of Water

by The Staff June 15, 2011


There is a theory that water retains a memory of substances dissolved in it, even after they’ve been diluted beyond recognition. So it is, in a way, with family, as each generation leaves its indelible ...

Shakespeare & Company

Blood Type: Ragu

by The Staff May 25, 2011


The Capital Region knows a thing or two about rich Italian heritage and simmering the perfect sauce. And with its final offering of the season, Capital Repertory digs in with Blood Type: Ragu, a coming-of-age ...

Capital Repertory Theatre

Kingdom of the Shore

by The Staff April 20, 2011


In this TV world, one of the many joys of live theater is the immediacy of its creation and performance. And theater doesn’t get much closer to home than when a regional theater develops and ...

Capital Repertory Theatre


by The Staff April 20, 2011

Though we haven’t had an invisible pal since our preschool days, we’re fully supportive and appreciative of those of you who may still have such friends. Take Elwood P. Dowd, the lead character in the ...

Spa Little Theater

One Night Only

by Kathryn Geurin March 23, 2011


On Saturday afternoon, a handful of professional actors, directors, playwrights, producers and improvisers gathered in a rehearsal room at Albany’s Capital Repertory Theatre, some meeting for the first time, some rekindling years-old connections, others on ...

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